So I went to the pre-recording of Friday Download today (FridayDownload is a TV show in the UK). I did NOT know who the special guest was but I still went. When they said ‘Our Special Guest Is ‘Rita Ora' I literally almost died. She came out to do sound check and I went WILD and RATCHET AF! LOL. before she was doing sound check I was screaming 'I LOVE YOU RITA! ELENA KNOWS ABOUT MY BLOG TEAMRITAORA.TUMBLR.COM' and she looked over and my friend said 'HER BLOG, HER BLOG' and she pointed to me and said ‘OH ITS YOU!’ …… I then stood there and cried my eyes out (like a fool!). Then she kept looking over to my side and I just started singing to R.I.P and her pianist kept looking at me and laughing! She then came over several times and the last time she came over I was holding my bracelet up to her and she took it and wore it and performed R.I.P again with my bracelet on!!! I touched her hair and hugged her several times! She’s so sweet and I called her name and she looked over and I done the ‘Roc Nation’ sign and she gave me a heart sign back! :D. When she walked off, I went over to her and she said ‘Thank you for the bracelet!’ ….. I love her so much.

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